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Thomas Jefferson : The Father of American Invention

Thomas Jefferson was an inventor. He invented such devices as the swivel chair, the pantograph (which he called a polygraph), a new type of plow, a macaroni machine, and a wheel cipher. Most of us have used a swivel chair at least once in our lives. Jefferson's polygraph was the first device that allowed someone to handwrite an original document and, at the same time, create multiple copies. Thomas Jefferson loved to cook, and he created a machine to make macaroni. His wheel cipher is similar to one shown in the motion picture, ìThe DaVinci Code.î Some of his inventions are depicted below.

Although he was an inventor, Thomas Jefferson opposed granting patents to inventors. He was opposed to the concept of monopoly. He considered it a holdover from British monarchy, and contrary to the principles of democracy. However, as a framer of the US Constitution, he recognized the need for patents to encourage people to reveal their inventions and discoveries to the public. Jefferson was one of the people who created the first Patent Act of 1790. As Secretary of State, he became the first Commissioner for Patents.

Between 1790 and 1793, patents were signed by the President of the United States and the Secretary of State. George Washingtonís and Thomas Jeffersonís signatures appear on the first few issued patents. To date, the United States Patent Office has issued more than seven million patents. Imagine the burden on the current President and Secretary of State if they were to sign every patent. All patents issued in the present day bear the signature of the current Commissioner for Patents. However, his signature is but a facsimile. Actually, no government official actually signs a patent.


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